1993 Ford Mustang Cobra R Wrapper

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 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra R

This is #55 of a 107 build for 93 and is currently on MSO ( you can be the first owner if you choose).  This example is still in what is considered wrapper condition, which means it was never dealer prepped.  It has all the build tags, grease markings, plastic and build documentaion.  It has 275 original miles.  It has been stored in a climate controlled facility its entire life.  The car shows as it should and has no issues.  These cars have no accessories as they were built and designed to be raced.  You will find no AC, power windows, locks or radio.  They even deleted the sound dampening materials throughout the car.  First and last year of the fox body Cobra. Own a piece of history!




3/4 rear











93 cobra