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This a very nice 1970 Ford Sport Custom short wheel base pickup. It is very solid and clean and has had a repaint within the past few years, which looks amazing. All of the glass and trim are in excellent condition. No rust anywhere that I have found. The bottom of the truck is very nice and presentable. It is powered by a 302 and has a 3 speed automatic transmission. Under the hood looks relatively untouched and stock appearing.  The interior looks the part as well. The original blue mat is still in great condition along with the rest of the interior. It has been professionally lowered with new beams and a flipped rear with c notched frame. Power disc brakes were added to the front of the truck at this time as well. The wheels are a chrome US Mag setup that are in a 20×8 and 20×9.5 staggered fitment. Recently drove this truck on a 240 mile trip and enjoyed every minute of it. Not sure how much better it can get for one you would still be willing to drive. It’s getting harder and harder to find one in this condition.









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